Currently we have eleven trustees, managing the charity’s finances and ensuring Cashmir Foundation operates within the requirements of UK charity law. The Trustees are unpaid volunteers who govern the charity and meet to keep up with legislation.


The Board of Directors

The Board, which meets quarterly, is ultimately responsible for strategic decisions, having regard to advice from the Chief Executive and senior management. Directors normally serve for a maximum of nine years and are subject to re-election every three years.


The Grants Committee

Considers proposals to the charity for grant funding, taking expert advice where required from UK and other sources to ensure transparent grant distribution.


The Cashmir Foundation Ambassadors

Ambassadors do dynamic, energetic, fundamental work such as:

  • Inspiring and engaging others to sponsor the poor
  • Sharing the good work of our charity with others
  • Promoting Cashmir Foundation through digital media
  • Participating in awareness campaigns



The Head Office:

Cashmir Foundation

1 Eagle Street,


G4 9XA



Scottish Charity Registration Number: 043824



Cashmir - Life is Precious