Disaster Relief


In the Jammu region of Kashmir flash flood alerts are common but are unheard of in Azad Kashmir. These flash flood alerts arise from the monsoon type rains that pound down intermittently resulting in the flooding of rivers.

Kashmir flooding crisis are always a menace and create great danger. Water levels in the rivers Chenab, Tawi, Ujh and Basantar bulge constantly up to the danger mark when floods arise. In Jammu Kashmir people living in low areas are generally alerted by officials, warning of the flash floods and told to keep away from river banks of the flooded rivers.

However in Azad Kashmir there is not always help and entire villages are swept away with monsoon rains and floods. These rains are a breeding ground for germs resulting in disease.

Most of the time people are not accounted for, no one knows how many, just families of a certain area that have vanished from existence. No one had logged them for dental records, no one had registered them at the local doctors practice (private doctors cost money). Cashmir helps survivors by collaborating with approved government registered NGO’s working in the same region by donating recycled clothes and providing as much aid as we can.

Earthquake Disaster Monitoring


Survivors of the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake in the picture copyright of history offer Prayers in Balakot. On October 8, 2005, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 struck in Azad Kashmir, which sits on top of two colliding tectonic plates. It killed roughly 75,000 people, injured over 100,000 people and unleashed massive landslides that buried entire towns.

The Earthquake in 2005 left a lot of damage and billions of dollars of aid was received, lots of equipment to rebuild has gone rusted and projects abandoned, no one knows why several tranches of aid was not used to help the children.

Again another earthquake in 2008 created havoc and buildings were destroyed and many lives lost.

There is good and bad every where and it is really hard for the officials to find the culprits that do take money from the poor. Cashmir is not here to argue the issue, Cashmir is here to help mankind be safe from disaster by teaching First Aid but its worth the mention. We found an article on Wikipedia that states well over US$ 5.4 billion (400 billion Pakistani rupees in aid arrived from all around the world. US Marine and Army helicopters stationed in neighbouring Afghanistan quickly flew aid into the devastated region. Five crossing points were opened on the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan to facilitate the flow of humanitarian and medical aid to the affected region, and aid teams from different parts of Pakistan and around the world came to the region to assist in relief.

Kashmir needs volunteers who can monitor to the standards of the charity regulator in Scotland to make sure the aid and donations that the public give are 100% given to the poor Kashmiri people, to educate, to help in pre disaster learning and most importantly the preservation of human life.



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