Heritage of Kashmir



The majestic Kashmiri Riviera as one may wish to contrast to the Italian lakes and city of Venice known in the west as one of the most unique cities on earth such as beautiful Lake Garda. Kashmir lakes and Kashmir splendour, the exotic majestic place in its own right commands respect, if you were to see with your own eyes you would be lost in such beauty yet the people are poor and need help to maintain the culture of such ancient civilisation. Many centuries ago in the Kingdom of India there were great rulers who really did look after their people. These rulers made sure everyone had a job to do, for instance they built large buildings with great detail and charisma and everyone joined in to transform the landscapes. These architects were not any normal architects, they were passionate and with the resources of such exotic lands were successful in building what they dreamed.

At Cashmir we do not believe religion comes in between the people of such exotic heritage as it does not make sense. Why? These people lived together in harmony before documented history began, a very long time ago and they achieved so much without such divisions. Even to this day with religion, any religion, it teaches the same people, the same principle, to love thy neighbor, therefore it does not makes sense that these kind people of this land to be angry with one another.

At Cashmir we believe everyone has an equal part to play in the restoration and heritage of the beautiful lands of such exotica. Kashmir has lots of heritage sites and until recently India applied for UNESCO on Kashmir Mughal Gardens, Kashmir Bagh Gardens and Silk Routes. However there are many buildings within Kashmir that require restoration works and a lot of work is becoming high risk due to neglect and hatred for the occupation of countries annexing, these risks is due to extremists causing damage to public places which is a great shame as Kashmir is loosing out on such beautiful architecture and historical sites. Cashmir believes the heritage of Kashmir should be documented in such a way that all is available to see using the Internet, books and through films.

Cashmir believes by maintaining an online database we can document large portions of such beautiful heritage for the public knowledge.





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