After The Earthquake

In Kashmir the beautiful land remains a living nightmare, our Charity hopes to change the lives of the orphans and poor families by helping to educate them and by supporting the world class Heritage of Kashmir. 

There is over a thousand remote villages in which people are still in need of medical assistance, food, clean water and shelter and the 120,000 survivors that have not yet been reached still struggle from the years of neglect. The earthquake shattered hopes of the already much needed help and the estimated death toll back then was near the hundred thousand more so in Azad Kashmir. The struggle to help the Kashmiri people continues and with your help by donating we can assist the poor people by providing health, education and support to the underprivileged.

Cashmir also helps with sight restoring eye camps working along side other local NGO's who already have made a difference to the lives if the Kashmiri people.

Cashmir helps with disaster where food and shelter is required. Cashmir documents and offers knowledge on the world class Heritage of Kashmir, through Arts, Culture and Drama events for the public benefit.

Cashmir believes that not all is lost, disaster can strike but having real help through knowledge and understanding of the preservation of life will make a difference in the event of a disaster. The use of safety equipment, the knowledge to save a drowning person through first aid is truly a need when the floods come every year.

Cashmir documents and Indexes search information on a online data system registar, entire towns and villages which have been completely wiped out in North Azad Kashmir are logged for heritage purposes, local Art, Culture will be showcased soon online for the world to see.





Cashmir - Life is Precious