Geo Cashmir


In Kashmir there are areas where we can use heat from the ground to help generate energy, this type of energy is called Geo Thermal energy. Geo Cashmir is this type of project.

Kashmir runs into a daily load shedding process by the hydro dam project which never guarantees constant electricity. Geo Cashmir project changes all this by a 24/7 supply of power to the people of Kashmir. After all they deserve something in return for their patience.

However in Azad Kashmir there is not always help and with global warming heating up the area, energy is needed to help cool down and keep those refrigerators running in the heat of the sun.

The poor people of Kashmir need our help to assist in building such plant in renewable energy.

Geo Thermal Renewable Energy



The Himalayan region of Kashmir has a vast potential of geothermal energy that has been going to waste year upon year. Just think power to 10,000 homes that never had electricty is a blessing in disguise and this blessing is right under their feet.

Cashmir has investigated and found sources of hot sulphur springs that are enough to substantiate a process of delivering steam to turbines and we must stress upon the need to tap into this find scientifically through collaboration with the best scientists and engineers. 

Cashmir is working at Government level with the best minds in the industry to enlighten the Kashmiri folk with clean renewable energy, should our project bear fruit it will help the masses who suffer load shedding on a daily basis. Cashmir working for a better future in Kashmir.


Cashmir has a twin project in Scotland at;

Level: Stage 1 Planning

Status: Active.  

Expected Ouput: 3MV.

Current planning (Geo Mapping) and processes are deployed to relay an effective management system that delivers cost effective risk mitagation energy scenario to the Scottish Government.

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