Wool Not Fur


Cashmir is against the killing of animals for Fur. We do not want animals to be hunted for there fur, why because it is cruel.

Cashmir promotes wool which keeps you warm and is just as soft especially the Cashmere wool the most luxurious material next to silk.

The Paisley Pattern, “Made in Kashmir”. Around 1860 the city Paisley in Scotland could only produce shawls with fifteen colors, which was still only a quarter of the colors in the multi-color paisleys then still being imported from Kashmir.

We support local wool factory workers indigenous to Kashmir as after all pure cashmere only comes from Kashmir, even though Cashmere Goats have been taken out of Kashmir into Iran and China there is still a good chance that the employment can be kick started lifting the moral of the local unemployed to flourish again bringing true Cashmere “Made is Kashmir”. The true Cashmere is as named from Kashmir. Made in Kashmir campaign will bring employment. Help by helping us, we can be contacted by emailing a short message on the contact us page and we will get back to you.

Fashion and Hollywood


Cashmere is a luxuriant wool that many a fashion-conscious woman has dreamed of wearing against her skin. Its silken feel, feather-light weight, and appreciable status make it highly desirable.

Despite the glamour associated with cashmere, it hails from humble beginnings. It is the wool or fur of the Kashmir goat “Made in Kashmir” from Kashmir, other areas where it is now manufactured but not quite the same quality are Iran, China and now in some places in America. Even Kashmir Saffron is finest in Kashmir again “Made in Kashmir”.

The quality and feel of cashmere will leave you longing for more. Owning a garment made of this fabric is a fashion treat to be truly treasured “Made in Kashmir” after all, it takes one little goat four years to produce enough wool to make just one sweater.

The exquisiteness from garments made of pure cashmere were only available to royalty because the rarity of the wool increased its value. Napoleon is said to have popularised its use for shawls or wraps when he gave his second wife, Empress Eugenie, seventeen of them.

Hollywood glamour girls of the past showcased cashmere sweaters and brought forward cashmere to the hearts of people everywhere. Lana Turner who was the original sweater girl, created a stir and phenomenon when she wore a tight cashmere sweater in a 1937 film called, They Won't Forget. Thus Lana Turner creating a demand for such luxury. Similar sweaters of all description soon became haute coutre everywhere; during the 1940s evening sweaters with heavily encrusted jewels and embroidery became popular, and in the 50s it was choice of the best dressed college fashion conscious (RTE, 2010).

Avid collectors are now frantic to snatch up those fine examples of vintage cashmere sweaters and here at Cashmir we hope to bring back employment to the local artisans of such specialist craftsmanship securing jobs for years to come.



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