Corporate Involvement


We offer an array of creative opportunities for businesses to support our aspirations, with benefits including high profile branding, client entertaining, and staff and community engagement.

CASHMIR has gained momentum through its partnership with companies interested in funding Cashmir charity programs such as Kashmir Heritage, Culture and Arts research.

There are a number of ways companies can engage their staff and the corporation as a whole in the giving culture. Please consider some of the opportunities for corporate giving listed below.


One Time or Multi Year Donations

CASHMIR welcomes one time and multi year donations from corporate donors online, via cheque or in planned installments. For further information on donation initiation, visit the donate page or contact us by e-mail, or phone, 0844 8706176.

Corporate Foundations and Sponsorships

Companies large and small provide charity support through donating funds, goods and services. Many also have separate Foundations that provide grants to non-profits. Companies are also getting more and more interested in Cashmir charity cause marketing. Regardless of the type of support, companies are more likely to support a cause that impacts their employees.

You can make a difference by letting CASHMIR know if your company has a program that CASHMIR would be eligible for and, where possible, introducing CASHMIR representatives to your company. Whether the result is funding for research or goods or services to support a CASHMIR event, the result will help CASHMIR fund more research into the pattern index and other causes of your choice. Corporate sponsorships of CASHMIR fundraising events are great opportunities for companies to increase awareness of their goods and services in a particular market.

Some events such as Team Cashmir provide publicity and exposure on a regional and national level. Request information to obtain the list of planned events to see if the fundraisers being held in your geographic area may be of interest to your company. If you feel your company is a good fit for CASHMIR support, contact CASHMIR's Development Office first. They will work with you to determine the right steps to approach your company.

Matching Gift Programs

Many employers are committed to supporting the interests of their employees through matching programs. When an employee makes a donation to an eligible nonprofit organisation, an employer will match the donation with designated company funds. This means that a donor’s contribution to CASHMIR could total twice the amount they donated personally. Employers that participate in matching gift programs will usually require donors to submit a form to initiate the match. If you need assistance from someone at CASHMIR, please contact us by email, or by phone on 0844 8706176.

CASHMIR - Your "Charity by Choice"

If your company hosts fundraising events, you can designate CASHMIR as your "charity by choice". CASHMIR would be the beneficiary of any funds raised at such an event or series of events. You can highlight CASHMIR as your charity by choice for one event or over a period of time. This gives your company the opportunity to make a significant difference in specific charity area.

Charity Cause Marketing

Charity cause related marketing ties a product or purchase to a charity by allowing a percentage of proceeds to go towards the cause for a period of time. If you have product that you feel is suitable as a charity cause related marketing tool for CASHMIR, please contact us by email, or by phone on 0844 8706176.

In Kind Donations

Cashmir accepts in kind donations of goods and services. People that have expertise in given areas or networks may contact CASHMIR to explore ideas. Previously accepted in kind donations include:

  • IT services (online application development, web recommendations/hosting, etc.)
  • Marketing services (advertisement or promotional material creation)
  • Food donations/catering for events
  • Promotional materials
  • Software applications



Contact Cashmir Today


Contact Cashmir charity today, Cashmir documents and Indexes search information on a online data system register, entire towns and villages which have been completely wiped out in North Azad Kashmir are logged for heritage purposes, local Art, Culture will be showcased soon online for the world to see. Please contact us by email, or by phone on 0844 8706176.






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